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Family Ties Home Care -- Companion and Personal Care in Beverly Hills

Family Ties Home Care provides home care services and support for seniors and elderly adults throughout the Beverly Hills area.

Everyone should have companionship. Seniors or disabled loved ones are prone to be depressed if no one can take care of them physically and emotionally. Don’t let this happen to them. Family Ties Home Care offers companion care services to individuals who need someone to keep them company at home.

Maintaining independence throughout the golden years can be hard and the Family Ties Home Care team provides an alternative option to relocating to a nursing home or other residential care facility.

Family Ties Home Care in Beverly Hills has qualified, experienced, and certified Caregivers that are available to provide assistance with daily living activities, personal care tasks, and companionship. The Family Ties Home Care Team provides assistance with daily living activities such as supervising a senior while showering, exercising, dressing, toileting, various household tasks including laundry, meal prep, laundry, pets, dishes, trash, shopping, errands, transportation, and more.

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Different Reasons to Seek Home Care in Beverly Hills

As people age, some feel as though their social life may not be as exciting and they begin to have less motivation. Their friends are passing away, or they are simply unable to physically get to their social visits the way they used to. Unfortunately, many seniors tend to distance themselves from their loved ones, especially if they are ill and may tend to feel like a burden to their loved ones. This creates more anxiety, isolation and depression. Having the right Companionship can make a significant improvement on their overall well-being. With a properly matched Caregiver, seniors can start to thrive with new routines that keep their brains active and muscles moving.

Family Ties Home Care’s caregivers provide quality companionship that benefits you and your family.

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